Our experience as participants in training programmes during our own careers taught us that although the programmes may be engaging and impactful, they rarely deliver lasting results. This is not just disappointing for the organizations and individuals that invest their money and their time in such training, it's a lost opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage.

To address this issue with our clients, we use the Nimblebox® concept. We challenge the individual/ team to achieve breakthrough results through a challenge and this, combined with our tailor-made training and coaching, is highly effective in maximizing learning-on-the-job. As a result, the process delivers concrete and sustainable impact.

The Nimblebox®:

  • Practical method challenging employees in an engaging way
  • Proven models are translated into a practical method
  • Every box contains elements of change (Feel, Act, Inspire, Think, Help) FAITH-model
  • Delivers individual/team development or action plan, always engaging and interactive
  • Employees start practicing the learned techniques themselves. Shaping ownership for the personal and organizational goals
  • In the Nimblebox® approach the growth accelerators Fun, Discipline & Results are the main drivers

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