Business Coaching

Majime delivers no-nonsense business
(management and personal) coaching by using
practical models that make the experience more
effective for participants who want to 'simply


"Being subtly confronted, opened my eyes"

R from Heerenveen

Common coaching themes include:

  • Sales management effectiveness
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Addressing perfectionism
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Tactical behaviour
  • Career strategy
  • Assertiveness training
  • Leadership effectiveness

We start by discussing what you want to achieve in
the sessions, using practical models to explore the
obstacles that stand between you and success. By
gaining an understanding of why you do what you
do, you will learn how to recognise and remove or
sidestep these obstacles. In addition, you will move
towards your chosen goals with a positive mindset.


"An inspiring & warm coach who, together with you, carefully identifies your needs and provides you with the right tools to continue working on your development"

J from Almere

Project Improvement Coaching

Majime experts can also deliver coaching during
and after Rapid Results improvement projects, both
to teams and individuals. Invaluable during periods
of change, this coaching helps the team to learn
how to think in terms of possibilities instead of


"Saskia's approach is to contain all the elements to put a coachee at ease, but also to get him just outside his comfort zone, after which the real learning process can really start"

J from Brussels

Coaching will increase their independence and
willingness to apply the new skills needed for
change and give them the drive to translate their
acquired insight into actions.


"Saskia has brought me on the right track in an inviting way, and has given me the tools to stay on track"

H from Heerenveen

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