Majime: Corporate Solutions for Leadership, Marketing & Sales Performance Improvement

You want to take your to the next level, but you're just not sure where to start? Organizational process improvement & sales/marketing performance increase is our specialty! Majime will help you clarify your thinking, show you how to identify your improvement goals and accelerate their achievement. Majime offers your company consulting services and is associated with the Nimble Institute, a networking organization focused on bringing the best people together.

Majime is Japanese for "simply get things done!"

Majime is as well associated with Integratis, a training company providing a broad range of training solutions which add value to our clients through our customer-focused approach, the quality of our consultants, and our worldwide delivery capability.

Through process improvement and broad knowledge of organizational change management, Majime can assist you in the completion of your long- and short-term goals. We implement Consultancy, Training, and Coaching of your staff to ensure measurable, tangible results as well as the personal growth of your employees. We can realize the achievement of your goals through implementation of the Rapid Results methodology. This skill-based approach is driven by a structured process that mobilizes teams to achieve results over a short timeframe as well as accelerate organizational learning.


Rapid Results Methodology – Your Key to Success

In order to accelerate your performance, your organization will need to focus on the realization of long-term goals in a short period of time. This is where the Rapid Results Methodology comes in: realizing performance improvement breakthroughs in the shortest possible timeframe. This result-driven method is developed to do just that: high impact with minimal time spent. The main proposition of Rapid Results is that it’s scalable, meaning that this method facilitates the process of growth by eliminating bottlenecks and preparing the company’s structure for expansion. When working together; aggressive goals can be realized through the improvement of business productivity. The short timeframe in which all tasks need to be completed, combined with ambitious targets makes this method one of the most effective tools to take control of your business.

The process of Rapid Results is simple:

Implementation of seemingly impossible goals (which often have to be completed in 100 days or less)  - experimentation with new tactics for business productivity - completion of set tasks through persistence and strategic management.

By extending the concept of Majime from "simply get things done" to "simply improve", we give you the key that unlocks measurable and sustainable success.

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With Majime, your business is prepared for improvement. Let us train, coach or consult your staff to improve employee productivity, focus on problem-based learning and accelerate your organizational development. Read more about the way we do things on the corresponding pages in the top menu. More information about Saskia or our Partners can be found on these pages. Contact Majime for a professional partnership and extensive knowledge of process improvement methodologies.