Majime: Organizational Improvement & Personal/Team Development

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Majime Business improvement model

By combining the power of Team, Process and Technology:


  • create a culture based on rapid results, agility & skills (training/coaching)


  • process focus on strategic decision making & implementing process driven tools. Work towards first time right, continuous improvement and realize CBA (Current Best Approach)


  • iBPMS, cloud-based business processes (iOT, AI, BPM, RPA eg. improve customer experience, productivity and lead times

Majime is Japanese for "simply get things done!"

How our team challenges yours? We FOCUS on FUN- DISCIPLINE & TANGIBLE RESULTS to:

  • Create a happier place to work
  • To create a positive change through people
  • To become more productive and profitable

Majime's Business Improvement Model – Your Key to Success 

Majime Business improvement model

Majime will help you clarify your thinking, show you how to identify your improvement goals and accelerate their achievement. Through process improvement and broad knowledge of organizational change management, Majime can assist you in the completion of your long- and short-term goals. We implement Consultancy, Process Improvement and - automation/  Training and Coaching of your staff to ensure measurable, tangible results as well as the personal growth of your employees.

We are associated with the Nimble Institute, a networking organization focused on bringing the best people together. Majime is as well associated with Integratis, a training company providing a broad range of training solutions which add value to our clients through our customer-focused approach, the quality of our consultants, and our worldwide delivery capability.

By extending the concept of Majime from "simply get things done" to "simply improve", we give you the key that unlocks measurable and sustainable success

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